Welcome to the Cheaha Support Page

This site is for tracking the updates, changes and bugs related to the Cheaha cluster.

User documentation for Cheaha is available on-line.

Cheaha is the compute framework for UABgrid and is developed openly as part of the UABgrid infrastructure project.

Not all elements of the site are complete yet. Namely, tickets have not yet been created for major elements of the upgrade. As issues arise they should be recorded here. Please feel free to assist in the conversion the upgrade steps to issues for tracking.

Project Pages

Additional Information

Further documentation on using this project site can be found in the TracGuide.

Environment Variables

Variable Path Description =============== =========================== ======================================= UABGRID_SCRATCH /lustre/scratch/$USER High performance scratch space UABGRID_PROJECT /lustre/project Shared project space =============== =========================== =======================================

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