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Data Library


  • The 'personal' data libraries are nothing special from galaxy's perspective. It is a convention we are planning to follow where a user will get all permissions on a data library named as 'blazerid-datalib'. This library will be created by a galaxy administrator upon user's request. Since the user has all access rights on his/her personal data library he/she may add/remove other users to it's permission list. The galaxy administrators won't lose ability to modify permissions on personal data library after passing all permission rights to the user.
  • User should contact support@… to request personal data library.
  • Galaxy administrators and/or users should put appropriate description for this data library.

Shared data library

Users can request a shared data library where multiple galaxy users have access to this data library. Following details should be provided when requesting a shared data library:

  • data library name
  • description
  • The requestor will get all permission rights to this data library. Any additional permissions should be requested explicitly.
    • Access data library
    • Modify data library items
    • Add items to the data library
    • Modify permissions of the data library

The data library's description should contain an email address of the requestor. Since the requestor will have all permissions on the requested data library, later he/she should ensure that this description is up to date. For example if the requestor decides to drop himself/herself out of this data library or pass on the permissions rights then he/she should modify data library description.

Getting access to existing data library

  • Each data library's description should contain an email address of the library admin - person who has all permissions on the data library. Other users needing access to this data library should contact data library admin directly. In case of any issues please contact galaxy administrators.

Uploading files to data library

  • See UploadingFiles#Uploadingfilestoadatalibrary on how to upload files in data library. The recommended method is to get your data in /lustre/scratch/$USER directory on the Cheaha cluster using scp and then upload/reference this data in data library. You will need an account on Cheaha cluster to do that. See Cheaha Getting Started page for instructions on getting an account on the Cheaha cluster.